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What is your normal?

This meme I shared on my personal Facebook page a few days ago and it couldn't be more true.

A lot of us are wanting things to return to normal, but what is normal?

Is your normal working 40+ hours a week to come home and tend to the household, sort the kids, do dinners, do the cleaning and be super stressed about money?

Is your normal working from home but never seem to escape your own walls?

Whatever your 'normal' is, why not try and implent a new 'normal' to help keep ourselves happy at the end. During the isolation this is the best time for us to think of what our normal is worth rushing back to.

Take time to restore your energy, your health and do things that you have been meaning to do but are always too busy at the end of the working week. I have been enjoying my walks early morning to Mosquito Bay, a nice quiet rural beach, literally in my backyard.

We will also have a new 'normal' in salon once we are out of isolation - cleaning procedures are going to be continued to be ranked up, the way we book our clients in and so on. If there is something you would like us to do in salon going forward to make yourself feel a bit safer or whatever it may be, please leave us a comment and we will look into it. Our salon is your salon and we love getting feedback from everyone to make it a better place ♡

Enjoy the rest of the isolation at home in your bubble with your whanau and don't stress too much about things. Just enjoy. We are all in the same situation, doing the samething - protecting ourselves, our loved ones and everyone else.

Much Love xx

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